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The ultimate pressurized water system for your rig.


5% of every kit sold will be donated to a different charity or nature conservation program, every month.

Get 10% off RotoPax with purchase of a Hydro-Tank system.

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Hydro-Tank is the ultimate water system for your Off-Road vehicle. Just the flick of a switch and you can have pressurized water. Use it to wash your pup down on a hot day at the beach, put out your camp fire, take a 25 minute shower(depending on options), rinse off your bikes, boards, gear, small children, horses and so much more. The possibilities of Hydro-Tank are endless. So go outside, explore, get dirty, when its time to go home, simply wash away the dirt with your own onboard water system.

                                                       How We Started

The idea of Hydro-Tank started out in the middle of the Anza Borego desert in California. We were out camping with family when we realized we needed more water storage but didn’t have anywhere to put it. After discovering that the rear bumper on a Jeep Wrangler JK was hollow we started designing a kit that would be easy to use and could take advantage of this. After months of testing, developing and countless hours of off-roading throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Canada, Uganda and Mexico we have developed a DIY kit that functions perfectly every time. We now offer versions for the Jeep Wrangler, Toyota 4Runner and Tacoma



Where are you located?

Hydro-Tank is based out of Fallbrook, California where all of our design, fabrication and assembly is done in-house. We ship anywhere in the US and have even sent kits across the world to Uganda, South Africa, Canada and Australia for testing. Please email us for international shipping options.

What if i dont have a factory bumper on my JK

We understand that a lot of people upgrade their factory bumper. Thats why we partnered with RotoPax and offer several versions to meet your needs. We also have Frontrunner tank versions and AEV® rear bumper versions which eleminates the need for their hand pump.

Will this kit void my vehicles warranty?

If installed correctly, Hydro-tank will not void your factory warranty since it does not interfere with the functions of the engine, transmission or suspension.

Why choose Hydro-Tank over other options?

There are 4 main reasons to choose Hydro-Tank.

  1. The Hydro-Tank system is an integrated part of your vehicle. No more angry partner becuse you forgot the portable unit and far less likely to be stolen because it is out of sight.
  2. Hydro-Tank uses a dedicated low current electric water pump with automatic shutoff. No need to pump up or pressurize the tank with air which means less chance of a tank rupture over time and consistent pressure until the last drop.
  3. Since Hydro-Tank uses an electric pump it is easier to refill on the go. Simply fill the bumper or RotoPax up and you are read to rock. You can even use the pump to refill from a nearby stream or water source while camping.
  4. Our customer service is out of this world. If you arent happy, we arent happy and we will do whatever we can to make it right.

Will Hydro-Tank drain my battery?

No, The Hydro-Tank pump is a low current pump that uses very little power. If accidentally left on the pump will automatically shut off once pressure has built up. The system can be used with the vehicle running or off.

What kind of Warranty does Hydro-Tank have?

1 year warranty on the entire kit from date of purchase , lifetime on 3D printed parts and lifetime bracket warranty. That means, if you bash, smash, break, crack, bend or snap your Hydro-Tank bracket, simply return what's left of it to us and we will send you a new one. No questions asked.

Will you send me instructions on how to install Hydro-Tank?

In an effort to conserve paper, Hydro-Tank does not include printed instructions. If you would like a printed copy, please leave a comment at checkout and we will gladly provide one using recycled paper.

Does Hydro-Tank work with any charities?

YES. 5% of every kit sold will be donated to a different charity or nature conservation program, every month.

Can you drink from Hydro-Tank?

Yes. Depnding on which option you choose. All of our RotoPax options are safe to drink but we do not recommend drinking water from an original Hydro-Tank which used the plastic rear bumper.



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Motto: "We'll Make a Plan"


Born and raised in Durban, South Africa. He spent most of his childhood camping and going on adventures through some of Africas harshest environments in his dads Land Rover Defender 90. Joe and his sister Lara moved to California in 2007 and he graduated from Universal Technical Institute in 2011 with a degree in Automotive Technologies. He has two Jack Russell Terriers named Savanna and Zulu who share his undying passion for the outdoors and adventure. When Joe isn’t focused on Hydro-Tank he enjoys wheeling his Jeep, riding his dirt bikes, target shooting and spending time with family. 


Motto: "The World is Your Oyster."

Adventure is what she lives for. Lara was also born and raised in Durban, South Africa where she spent time as a kid exploring the more rural parts of the world. She is currently a Licensed veterinary technician/supervisor at an emergency animal hospital where she can help critical animals recover. In her spare time, Lara enjoys paddle boarding, horse riding, camping, and riding her dirt bike with her partner in crime. She has become an integral part of Hydro-Tank due to her versatile weekend activities and her enthusiasm in promoting her favorite outdoor accessory. 


Motto: "Ride it Like you Stole it."


Motorcycles have always been a huge part of his life since he learned to ride off road at an early age. He started racing motocross when he was 15 years old. Realizing that he did not want to be confined to a track anymore, Nick started exploring more technical single track trails and various outdoor landscapes. After graduating from MMI in Arizona, Nick founded his own company Butler Motorsports, where he spends his time fixing and learning. With his mechanical knowledge and history of being an adventurer, he was quickly recruited by Hydro-Tank as a fabricator and advisor. He loves snowboarding, camping, and family time.