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Terms & Conditions 

-Hydro-Tank,LLC assumes NO responsibility for personal injury or damage to personal property due to miss-use of this system and or failure to follow installation instructions.

-The Hydro-Tank System is NOT designed for drinking. The materials are not food grade. Washing clothes, dishes, utensils, vehicles, yourself, etc is perfectly safe.

-The Hydro-Tank system is NOT designed to operate in below freezing temperature. Please drain the tank if you expect to enter freezing Temperatures.

-The Hydro-Tank system is NOT designed for storing gasoline or fuels of any kind.

-The Hydro-Tank system should NOT be kept full for a period longer than 30 days. This may cause unwanted mold and cause the water to become contaminated. Simply drain the tank and refill every month or store it empty.

-The Hydro-Tank system is designed for off-road use ONLY Hydro-Tank,LLC assumes no responsibility if this kit is used elsewhere.


The Hydro-Tank system is covered by a 1 year(12 month) warranty beginning from the date of purchase. Hydro-Tank, LLC will repair or replace any defective components in the system within that year. Warranty does not cover damage due to improper installation, extreme corrosion due to neglect, leaks due to insufficient silicone glue and or rodent damage.


Bracket Warranty- The Hydro-Tank bracket comes with a lifetime trail rated warranty. If you ever bash, smash, break, crack, bend, rip, crush or snap your bracket send whats left of it back to us and we will replace it..Warranty is only valid to the original purchasers. In order for a bracket to be warrantied  the customer must provide a picture of their vehicle on the trail that caused the damage and send as much of the bracket back to Hydro-Tank as possible. We will transfer any useable parts to a new bracket. If no parts are useable we will replace the complete bracket. Warranty does not cover damage due to improper installation, normal wear and tear, extreme corrosion and or theft. The original bracket and or what is left of it must be returned in order for an exchange.

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