If you have an AEV® rear bumper with the duel water tanks then this is the kit for you. Now 3D printed from ASA plastic and comes standard with Stainless Steel fittings. Includes all the required fittings, hoses and adapters to utilize your tanks with the Hydro-Tank system. We have multiple mounting options avalible. Please dont hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.



Water Only -comes with 1 fitting and is designed for only supplying water.

Water&Air -comes with 2 fittings and 20ft of hose so you can have your water & air at the same location.


-- Standard is located on the bracket, SPOD/AUX Box options available,

For custom harness please contact us.



The standerd locaton mounts onto the frame of your Jeep next ot the trailer hitch.

The High Clearance option mounts up on the AEV bumper.( see pictures)


Add RotoPax when you purchase your Hydro-Tank for a 10% DISCOUNT.


Jeep Wrangler AEV® Kit