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The ultimate accessory for your Gen 5 4Runner. This is an inlet/outlet electric pump system featuring a 3D printed ASA bracket with stainless steel fittings that allows you to tap into your RotopaX™ or FrontRunner tank and use it as a high pressure wash nozzle or shower. This system can also tap into a nearby river or stream and can refill your tanks from any water source. Includes 1 RotopaX™ or FrontRunner tank adapter Kit. Our wire harnesses feature Deutsch connectors, gold plated pins and are made in the USA by the same company that supplies Boeing and the US Military.


Fitting Location: This version mounts up on the drivers side rear bumper.(see photos) Up and out of the way of rocks, logs and gremlins.


Switch Location:

-Standard is located on the bracket for easy access and can be turned on from the outside.

-SPOD/AUX Box options available for more security/ ease of instalation.

-If you require a custom harness please contact us.


Add RotoPax when you purchase your Hydro-Tank for a 10% DISCOUNT. NOTE-This system does require drilling into the rear bumper.

Toyota 4Runner

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